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The Modern CEO shows you how to build, grow, and scale a profitable business to $1M (and beyond).

The Modern CEO by Amber McCue is the most comprehensive online program to learn and apply what it actually takes to build, grow, and scale a successful business. 

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If you are done with the Overwhelm, Exhaustion, and Hustle that stops you from getting Freedom and Taking Action in Your Own Business… It’s time for you to promote yourself to The Modern CEO.

The Modern CEO: Top FAQs
  • When does The Modern CEO start?
    The Modern CEO starts as soon as you enroll! You’ll be able to log in and have access to everything right away! We’ll do our onboarding call in mid-May where we’ll walk you through everything you need to be fully supported and get rewards as The Modern CEO.
  • How much time does the Modern CEO take?
    You’ll want to carve out a few hours every week to dive into The Modern CEO. But remember, this isn’t about taking in information and not applying it. These hours you spend will be implementation time on your business, The Modern CEO supports what you are already doing and makes it better. Hop in our live calls to ask questions as you implement and strategize. I want you to have all the info you need to actually get in action. Not just take in more information.
  • How Long is The Modern CEO?

    Enroll with confidence and an eye on your big picture:

    When you enroll in The Modern CEO you'll receive six months of high-touch, collaborative guidance. At the six-month mark, you'll be able to renew in the program (through auto-renewal) with an Alumni Credit.

    Yes, when you continue in The Modern CEO for another six-month cycle, you'll receive a discount. The Alumni Credits vary by level: $1,000 credit in Grow, $1,200 credit in Scale, and $1,500 credit in Accelerate. We celebrate our long-standing client relationships.
  • What level should I choose?
    Good question! Grow is good for all levels of business. You will receive all the tools you need to really build, grow, and scale your business. Scale is for anyone who wants additional strategic guidance and is more advanced in their business evolution. Accelerate is for our six-figure up to seven-figure business owners. Still unsure? Feel free to reach out and ask.
  • What kind of businesses benefit from The Modern CEO?
    Business owners who want to scale and grow and run their business from a place of leadership are encouraged to join us. The Modern CEO has worked for both product based businesses and service based businesses – web designers, authors, teachers, membership owners, jewelry makers, coaches, consultants, soap makers, and authors are a few examples of business owners who have used The Modern CEO frameworks to get ahead and grow.
  • Will I work one on one with Amber?
    Yes! That’s the beauty of this hybrid experience. I absolutely love going deep into your business. It is me, Amber, who answers your questions on The Hotline we have created exclusively for Modern CEOs in Grow and Scale. It’s a “phone-a-friend” lifeline of sorts. Because business happens real time and when you need someone to strategize or problem solve with, you need it!!

    In addition, Amber directly hosts virtual retreats and quarterly planning sessions so you’ll work with her there too. As an added benefit, Amber and Shay, our marketing expert and client experience manager, both host all of the calls together in The Modern CEO so you’ll get strategic guidance in many areas.
  • What will my return on investment likely be?
    Because The Modern CEO is tailored to your business and your goals, the ROI is slightly different for everyone. Modern CEOs Amber has worked to achieve a whole range of things, including course launches, rate rises, publishing deals, best selling books, six and multi-six figure launches, growing a team, landing dream clients, and freeing up more of their time. I could go on, but the truth is almost anything is possible: you choose your goals and we do everything we can to make sure you reach them. In short, the question isn’t whether you’ll get a good ROI, but what that ROI will look like.